Virtual Viewing

If you're not able to get to a show and would like to see how a painting would look on your wall, from the comfort of your own home, then you can do that! I now offer customers the opportunity to send jpegs of their wall, room or space, so that I can then superimpose different paintings on to them, then email it back to them. This  gives you a much better idea of how a painting may look without having to travel miles to see my work. 

Home visit by Nel

A lot of customers  find this option very useful, as it is often difficult to gauge how a painting will look when you seer it in a gallery, unless you see it actually in situ. So I often visit customers at home now, which is really helpful for both myself and customers, as we both get a much better idea of what paintings and frames would work in a certain room. Not all work is on the website so there may be something else that would work well, so I can advise you of this too.

Would you like a virtual viewing or a home visit?


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