Nel's Art for Charity

The Reason for the Charity Shop

'When our beautiful daughter Polly was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2014 I started running to manage my stress levels. Having always hated long distance running it was tough and not a pretty sight! But it also helped me get through it, and I hope in turn, helped me help Polly more. Cancer affects whole families not just the unfortunate person with the disease and so raising money to support The Teenage Cancer Trust was a great motivator, as they helped us so much get through it all. From the wonderful designated support nurses to all the facilities in hospital it made a terrible situation bearable. In the process of raising money I also became aware of the need for more Brain Tumour Research funding through a lovely customer's daughter who is in fact doing that cutting edge research at Leeds University. Pam Roberts who runs the PPR Brain Tumour Research Charity is a wonderful lady, who sadly lost her husband to a brain tumour, but who now works tirelessly to find a cure. 100% of all funding they get goes towards research and not many Charities can say that. So as with the Studio Charity Sale of work last year, that was a COMPLETE SELLOUT, thanks to so many of you kindly buying pictures and sketches, I wanted to continue to raise more money for each of my two chosen charities.

How It Will Work

The shop will include sketches and paintings from my studio that I will add, periodically as they become available, but also fabric and textile samples that I have accrued and have decided to sell to raise money.